$ 14.00

What do you get when you upcycle a cow milking tube? Your dogs new favorite durable tug toy!

Embrace your dog's desire to tug and pull with Mootugs, a dog toy for "udderly happy dogs". Upcycled from rubber milking tubes used on Minnesota dairy farms, Mootugs are loved by dogs and good for the earth too!


- Rubber is soft and flexible for playing tug, yet remains strong enough for even the toughest tuggers.

- Handle on the end provides a comfortable grip for your hand during tug-of-war.

- Cleaned and sanitized ready for play, but still retains a unique cow scent your dog will absolutely love! (no worries, non-offensive to us humans)

- All materials are made in the USA. Non-toxic food grade rubber and a poly blend rope consist of the materials.

- Handmade in Minnesota.

Please note: To be used as interactive toy for play between you and your pup only. To ensure a long life for your Mootug, please do not allow your dog to chew on it.

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